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    Bearded Dragon Care Guide

    Hey Herp addicts!

    Here’s our care guide on Bearded Dragons.  It reviews:

    • habitat set up
    • sanitation schedule
    • bath schedule
    • feeding schedules

    If you’re a beardie expert, chime in and let us know if there’s any other critical information that needs to be added.

    – CD

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    I am no expert but i do have a question. A few months back my daughter adopted two bearded dragons from the neighbors. She has fallen in love and she is a great beardy mom. One of the dragons (Iggy) loves oranges so she makes her a special frozen orange juice treat on hot days. So my daughter was wondering if they can have real ice cream, do you know the answer to this question? Thank you

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      Hi, that’s great your daughter adopted those dragons.  And we’re glad your researching proper bearded dragon care.

      That’s a great question, and hope you haven’t offered any ice cream to them.  Reptiles, and even dogs and cats (to a lesser extent) should never be fed ice cream.  For reptiles, the answer is never, ever, absolutely never.  Bearded dragons did not evolve with access to ice cream (i.e. milk products) in their diet or environment, therefore they lack the ability to digest it.  Instead, this sugary substance will stay in their digestive systems, rotting, and forming the perfect medium for all sorts of bad bacteria that will cause the animal to fill with gas and bloat.  This serious condition is excruciating for the animal and often lethal.  Dogs, cats, and people can do a little better, because we are mammals and milk is part of our nutritive cycle in infancy.  So for the sake of those beautiful beardies, please let your daughter know that they should not be fed ice cream, or dairy in general.

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    No i have not let her offer them ice cream. I figured they couldn’t have dairy but i wasn’t sure, thank you very much for answering my questions. My daughter is always looking for new treats to give them. They are spoiled lol but not overfed as well. If you can think of any unique treats that they can have feel free to post it. This is Iggy enjoying her pick of veggies.