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    Cricket Contest

    My son, Matthieu, has a crested gecko, Anderson. Matthieu studied hard at school (A’s and B’s, involved in FFA and Ag Club) and contributed often with the household chores in order to get Anderson as a pet this past December.  On the particular day of this picture, I wanted to wish Matthieu good luck on the morning of his state testing and found a clearly corny way of doing so.

    Matthieu (12) just starting working as a youth soccer official to help offset the cost of Anderson’s upkeep and getting a year’s supply of crickets would mean that the hard work he’s doing as an official each weekend (not to mention getting yelled at on occasion by parents, players, and coaches) would enable him to save the money he’s making for a car, eventual college expenses, charitable donations, etc.

    Matthieu’s a great kid and, regardless of the outcome of this contest, I’m confident he’ll continue to work hard in support of Anderson… but he’d be over the moon to win a year’s supply of crickets!

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    Nice picture of this guy.  Is Anderson a Matrix name?  Just a wild guess, but reasonable for a 12 year old boy.

    It is so important for kids to work toward something and then have the responsibility for caring for a living thing.  I read a study several years back by a sociology research group studying youth development that children involved in 4-H and FFA show superior leadership skills later in life, are more collaborative in group settings during problem-solving or project planning, and often display greater resiliency than urban kids.  They understand the value of hard work and how work relates to fair compensation.  They also tend to do better as freshmen in college, because they have achieved greater maturity concerning the realities of life, death and really hard work before they enter.  So kudos to both of you!

    Is Matthieu up on the latest in supplementation for Anderson?  If so, which products have you guys selected as being the best choice for his continuing health?

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    Anderson was named by Matthieu for his Ag Science teacher. Thanks for the kudos. My wife was, and remains, instrumental in supporting him in this, and other endeavors.

    I’ll ask Matthieu about the supplementation. I’m not familiar, but will ask. He is focusing on nutrition and providing a wider variety of possible food choices, but Anderson is going strong and Matthieu is definitely learning more about responsibility.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I hope Mr. Anderson appreciates the honor!  It says good things about Matthieu that he chose a name from a mentor/role model, as well as saying good things about the Ag Science teacher.  Ag Science, taught well, sets students up early for success in a wide variety of high school topics.  When you find out what Matthieu’s dietary regime for Anderson is, could you be so kind as to post it, or maybe ask him to when he has the time?  We need more young herp husbandry respondents to be able to act as a sensei (one who has gone before) for other young keepers.