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    Cricket Contest

    Thallo, my crazy little cresty, hatched May 31st. Since that is the last official day of Spring, he was named Thallo after the Greek god of Spring and green shoots. Don’t let his serene appearance fool you, this little dude is a cricket crunching machine! His other favorite activities include hiding in shirt shelves, hanging upside down from the bottom of his food shelf, and eyeball-licking.

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    That’s an amazing up-close picture.  His skin looks like canvas.  Are you breeding crested geckos on your own?  Or did you buy him from a recommended breeder?

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    Eye-ball licking is so entertaining.  We at Critter Depot are so glad more Crested owners are posting.  They really are beautiful and interesting.  How many crickets per day can Thallo put away at this age?

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    Thanks! I think he likes posing for his close-ups, haha. I got him from a coworker who had a breeding pair. They had an extra cage and have been a good go to source for basic husbandry questions. Right now he’s eating ~6 crickets per day. I’ll put in about a dozen every other day and he finishes them before the next batch goes in. I love watching him hunt down the crickets! I have a couple branches that go back and forth across the middle of the cage. Thallo likes to stalk the crickets from the branches and then pounce down on them. It’s pretty entertaining 🙂