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    dan rinkel

    We inherited Mawi from our granddaughters a year and a half ago!last year he got outside lost for 28 days! A neighbor found him afterwords we ordered him a girl friend ! She is only 10 months old but he never leaves her side ! He is no longer interested in going out but loves sitting in the window ! She loves riding around on his back so thought would share!

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    28 days?!  Wow, i wonder what foods he was living off of?  But happy to hear he’s not longer fighting for freedom.  He look pretty mature in his pic.  How old is he?

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    dan rinkel

    Not sure what he ate in those 28 days he got in under the old train tunnel from this historic Greenfield Mills which was the HGR terminal of Henry George Masonry Company of 1904 it has been sealed up from 1958 was caved in by the Master Masons to seal it off back in 1942 this is the home of the 7 generation New Rinkel family of French Engineers! Retired Dragon raising Federally protected historic City of the LaHaRue Indian tribe!