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    Every month, we’re giving away a year supply of free crickets. 

    And the rules are simple:

    1. Post a picture of your amazing pet, their kooky personalities, their adventurous habitats or anything else pet related.  But how do I do this?  Click the Start a Topic button in the upper right hand corner.  Upload your picture, and give it the title Cricket Contest.  
    2. Collect the most Critter Gold for the month (read below to find out more information on Critter Gold)
    3. And Boom!  You just won a year supply of FREE crickets

    What is Critter Gold and how do I collect it?

    Critter Gold is a reward system (see here).  Every community member has the opportunity to reward interesting posts with Critter Gold.  If you want to win a year supply of free crickets, post an interesting picture of your pet or habitat so that community members will reward your post with gold.

    And anytime you see amazing animals, interesting habitats, or anything else that strikes your fancy, be sure to reward that post with Critter Gold as well.

    Announcing the Winners!

    • The winner will be announced within 48 hours by the end of each month.
    • The winner will be awarded a coupon code for 500 free crickets.  This coupon code will be honored for 12 purchases.
    • Winners may continue posting pictures, topics, and questions.  But they are not eligible to win until 12 months since they won.
    • And we will keep a running list of the winning posts listed here.

    Past Winners

    1. February 2019 – 20 Critter Gold
    2. March 2019 – 21 Critter Gold
    3. April 2019 – 12 Critter Gold
    4. May 2019 – 11 Critter Gold
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    Please please please crickets are awesome I love crickets and my freinds gecko loves them I have them as pets and I give them to my neighbor

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      u crazy lol


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    Where do we post the picture? On this thread?

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      You’ll need to start a new topic in order to collect the Critter Gold.

      1. click “Start Topic” in the upper right

      2. Upload a sweet pic of your pet, habitat, or anything else pet related

      3. Choose which category your post belongs (bearded dragons, leo geckos, etc)

      4. Recruit friends and family to gift your post with Critter Gold.

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    Yes, do we post here, or somewhere else in the forum?

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      Matt Brubaker

      You must register, then click “start topic” to enter.

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    Sounds great and thank you for the opportunity!

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    This is King. Cute , quirky and always in the mood for a cricket !

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    Cricket Contest This is Bubbles he’s cricket crazy. Love’s his crickets. Makes him the happiest beardie.